I am the one that hides in the corn...

I am the who watches your every move...

I am your nightmare that will shred you to pieces...

You won't get away from my maze...

For I, will find you...

1939, July 17:

There once was a girl name Elizabeth Taylor, who grew up in the middle of nowhere in Texas with her drunk stepfather on a farm.

She was the most beautiful girl and some say she had long brown hair, hazel eyes, beautiful white skin, and was always wear a sleeveless gown that go to her knees. Some even say the see her by the road, walking and touch the cornstocks with her finger tips.

But one unfaithful day, Elizabeth had gone off with her friends which made the stepfather angry. He didn't want anyone near her so if he couldn't have her, he'd had to kill her. When Elizabeth got home, she saw her stepfather waiting on the porch, with a chain over his shoulder.

All tied up on a steel table, poor Elizabeth was crying and pleading for him to let her go... but that made the man furious.

He pulled out a knife and began to skin her face off. Her piercing screams echoed throughout the land.

Finally, he was done. He turn to the counter and picked up one of the scarecrow faces and placed it over her what was left of her face and sewn it deep into her flesh. After he got done, he grabbed a small hook and stabbed it into her eyes, ripping them out.

He quickly untied her and carried the wimping girl outside, tying her to a scarecrow post facing the house. She continued to plead but it was no use. The stepfather started splashing oil on her and lit a match, looking at her with disgust then threw the match at her and watch the flames swallow her whole. Hearing her cries once more until she was nothing.

All that man did was turn around and never looked back at what he had done.

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